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ZERO Makeup Face Perfecting Palette (Caramel) - Basics.Pk

ZERO Makeup Face Perfecting Palette (Caramel)

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ZERO Makeup Face Perfecting Palette (Caramel)

The all-purpose ZERO Blending Brush is specifically designed to promote flexible movement and uniform application of creamy, liquid and powder formulas. Its wooden handle allows easy usage and the densely packed 20 mm, ultra-soft bristles are uniquely shaped to create a seamless finish.

ZERO Makeup is an all-in-one face perfecting palette which includes a mirror, concealer, foundation, cream based blush, lip stain, translucent powder and a powder puff. This kit is designed to be all you need to get your face looking naturally beautiful and flawless, perfect for quick on-the-go touch ups.

How to use:
  • Step 1 - Conceal. Massage concealer into dark circles and uneven areas.
  • Step 2 - Blend. Use blender to smooth concealer lines until seamless
  • Step 3 - Blush. Dab a small amount of blush onto the apple of each cheek
  • Step 4 - Pout. Lightly pat lip color onto upper and lower lip
  • Step 5 - Finish. Delicately powder face to lock in your look

  • 1. Works with all textures (Powder + Cream + Liquid)
    2. Gives Seamless Sheer to Full Coverage
    3. Densely Packed
    4. Ultra-Soft 20mm Synthetic Bristles
    5. Uniform Application
    6. Flexible Movement
    7. Easy to Use
    8. Multi-Purpose

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