Tablet LCD Writing HowEasyBoard (8.5 Inches)

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Name: Tablet LCD Writing

Description: Writing Pen, LCD, Battery Model CR2025, Net Weight 146mm x 226mm x 6.5mm

For: Painting Design, Practice Calligraphy, Notes, Communication

Name: 8.5 inch LCD writing tablet

1, No radiation to eyes, no harm for eyes for a long time
2, Used for calligraphy, painting, written
3, A draft of arithmetic
4,Used for family message
5, Pure pressure induction, writing sensitive.
All hard things can be written,don't need pen and ink paper, can be written in hand.
6, Full screen one key erasing, convenient and quick, CR2020 battery (include)
7, Ultra thin volume design, easy to carry
8, The handwriting shows no electricity, safety and no radiation

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